Polygraph Shocking Liar Micro Electric Shock Lie Detector Truth Game Toy

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Tempatkan tangan Anda ke piring tangan shocking liar. Jika Anda mengatakan yang sebenarnya, Anda dapat lolos dari sengatan listrik dengan aman dan jika Anda berbohong langsung atau setengah setengah menjawabnya, Anda akan menerima sengatan listrik !!
Didukung oleh baterai 3xAAA (tidak termasuk)

Cara menggunakan:
Tempatkan tangan kanan Anda ke “Lie Detector”
Tekan tombol reset
Tekan tombol “Analyser”
Ambil pertanyaan dari teman (atau musuh) Anda

Material: Plastik
Dimensi: 16 x 16 x 7.5cm
Power by 3 x AAA batteries. (Tidak Termasuk)
Warna : Putih

100% brand new and high quality
Electric lie detector machine
Shiny shocking lie detector machine
LED’s to indicate fact or porky
Sensors to front and back
Hand strap for maximum effect
High/low shock setting
The portable lie detector is a table top device
Suction cup feet keep unit in place
You strap your victim’s hand to, delivering a small electric shock when it thinks a lie is being told
Great for having fun with your mates
Give you much fun by this thruster lie detector toy
A best choice as a gift for your friends
This lie detector machine is just a game machine for fun
This lie detector machine can help to see through the white lie from the person who is tested
If you tell the truth, you can move away from it safely but if you tell a lie or give an unacceptable amount of half truths, you will receive an electric shock
Suitable for 14 years of age and up
Great for having fun with yor mates

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